December 17

Prime Design’s 12 Days of Quizmas

Prime Design’s 12 Days of Quizmas for the City Mission Christmas Appeal 


What is the 12 Days of Quizmas campaign?

We made it our mission to create a campaign that would raise awareness and funds for the City Mission Christmas Appeal. Prime Design’s 12 Days of Quizmas consisted of 12 questions on 12 consecutive days which were posted to Facebook and Instagram. Each question needed a correct answer in order for us to donate $100 per day to the City Mission Christmas Appeal. We really wanted to create a campaign that was fun and engaging and ultimately help more Tasmanian families this Christmas. We wanted the opportunity the get the word out about this worthy cause but also educate our followers on local architecture and building design.  City Mission in Launceston also assisted us by providing some quizmas questions of their own to inform more of our followers about what they do and the services they provide. 

How it started

We recently worked with City Mission in Launceston on one of their latest projects to design Mission Health, located at 99 Wellington Street. Mission Health is a clinic that bridges the gap in healthcare for those who are homeless or experiencing financial strain, working with people who struggle to manage their health due to social isolation or mental illness. The clinic is currently open one day per week and is run by nurse practitioners. During our time working with City Mission, we decided we wanted to do more to help give back to struggling families particularly this Christmas time. So we created 12 Days of Quizmas. Our main goal is to raise funds and awareness for the City Mission Christmas appeal. We also understand that not everyone is in a position to be able to donate so we hoped that by getting the local community more involved they would feel like they have contributed to this worthy cause.  

The Results 

The engagement in this campaign has been overwhelming. Over 12 consecutive days during the campaign period, every single quizmas question managed to receive a correct answer. We are thrilled that we have been able to give away $100 per day and a total of $1200. Some of our followers on social media were extremely dedicated to the cause, eager to answer the question each day, and it was exciting to have so much commitment and receptiveness from our online following. We would like to thank City Mission for working with us on Prime Prime Design’s 12 Days of Quizmas campaign and helping provide some of the questions and content to promote the campaign. Thank you to our staff here at Prime Design, the time you have spent helping to put together the quizmas questions and offering to be in photos and videos. A special mention to our videographer Heath who has been wonderful putting together the videos and stop motion photography. 

Our added commitment to the City Mission Christmas Appeal

As an added bonus much of our team in both Launceston and Hobart have decided in lieu of doing Secret Santa decided to provide gifts or a donation to the City Mission Christmas Appeal. We would like to thank the Prime Design team for contributing to the cause and generosity during a busy Christmas period. There is still time if you would like to donate to the City Mission Christmas Appeal.  

Our goal as a successful local business is to always find a way to give back. This year we have been thrilled to be able to promote awareness for R U OK Day and now City Mission’s Christmas Appeal. We look forward to supporting more worthy organisations in 2022. 


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