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A large commercial building done in brown white and green with a large sign on the front of the building which says The Kitchen Boss.

Commercial Projects

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your commercial building will cater for your long, healthy and happy business future. Good commercial design can sharpen your professional image, create usable spaces and create a great place to work for your team. A thoughtful and considered approach to the design of your business premises may also lead to improved efficiency which leads to improved business performance. You can rely upon Prime Design’s broad experience in successfully assisting many varied businesses through the minefield of regulatory approval with the aim of achieving your business goals.

Key Items to Understand:
•Commercial outcome
•Practical requirements
•Process function of business
•All of the above to comply with the construction codes in a cost-effective manner

Commercial properties are unique and require a lot of experience in different classes of buildings. Commercial projects are easy to mess up and we have been involved in many fix up jobs, it’s easy to assume that it’s an easy project.

So how do you know? You need the right advice before you start. Commercial projects are unique and have a whole different level of complexity with planning, building, Tas Fire, and accessibility (if none of this makes sense, that’s ok - you can ask).

Getting Started

Our first meeting will focus on discovering your needs and defining your project ideas. To us this is the most important step to immerse our services, your project, unpack potential regulatory issues, budgets, and potential building problems so we can come up with solutions using our specialised knowledge. We will discuss:


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