September 16

R U OK Day 2021

R U OK Day 2021

What is R U Ok Day?

R U Ok Day was held on Thursday 9th September and raises awareness and funds for suicide prevention.  The Prime Design team was keen to advocate the worthy cause by sharing on social media. Each day in the week leading up to R U OK Day a team member shared what helps them keep their mental health in check.  

R U OK Day was created as a way to inspire a conversation around asking R U Ok?  The goal is to encourage people to stay connected and have conversations that can help those going through difficult times in their lives. The main goal is to provide resources, skills, and informal support work for those going through difficult times in their life ask knowing how to ask R U OK. Life’s full of many ups and downs and having a conversation you could help someone who is really struggling. Creating support networks of friends, family, and colleagues who can have a conversation if they detect any signs of difficulty, distress who can connect with an appropriate person who will be able to provide the necessary support before any crisis. 

Where you can find more resources

The R U OK website is full of FREE resources so that you will know how to ask R U OK and what to say next if your friend, family member, or colleague has been struggling.  

So many amazing local businesses shared their support for this worthy cause with plenty of yellow R U OK Day images flooding social media. We encourage everyone to have a look at the R U OK website and add next year’s R U OK Day event into your calendar. we also recommend regularly checking in with your friends, family, and colleagues if you see any signs of distress by asking them if they are ok. You can also donate via the website. 





How Marco Keeps his Mental Health in Check

Marco is a real foodie! His comfort food looks delicious. It’s is great to see Marco has found something that helps keep his mental health in check. We hope his gnocchi tasted good, perhaps he will be looking for taste testers next time he cooks some family recipes.  









How Amy Keeps her Mental Health in Check 

Amy is a huge animal lover so it is no surprise that Amy’s way of helping keep her mental health in check means spending time with her precious doggo’s. Not only are they great company but did you know it’s been scientifically proven that pets help reduce stress levels. We don’t blame Amy for wanting to spend time with these gorgeous creatures, we’re sure that provide plenty of entertainment and happiness in her life. 










How Mitch keeps his Mental Health in Check 

Mitch is an avid car lover and there is nothing he loves more than a bit of time on the tools working on his project car in the shed. It will be a huge sense of accomplishment when it is completed, not to mention, the process is extremely rewarding. 










Prime Design Hobart

The Prime Design team in Hobart all wore yellow in support of R U OK Day.  They looked like little rays of sunshine in the office! 






Additional Resources

Visit Beyond Blue or Lifeline Australia to speak to someone regarding mental health or be provided with additional information and resources.  

Here are a few more images from our team on how they like to keep their mental health in check.  

Learn how to ask R U OK 

Use these four steps and have a conversation that could change a life:

1. Ask R U OK?

2. Listen

3. Encourage action

4. Check in


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