From simple renovations to custom homes and large multi-residential developments, our team combines experience and the attitude of never-ending improvement to develop systems for consistency and speed. Prime Design has developed the ‘Sketch to Permit System’ that navigates the complex world of building red tape with Councils and Regulatory bodies.

Our promise is to always listen and understand your specific desires and budget. We do this with our unique process to meet specific design outcomes and timeframes.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in large and small developments. Utilise our knowledge and speed to deal with the approval process.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that the beautiful new workplace you want for your business’ long and happy future is a well-planned out space, with high level functionality for your team. A well resolved design can assist in promoting a highly productive and cohesive environment, let Prime Design work with you to create this.

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Our mission is solving building problems with a level of expertise and speed unmatched in the industry.




Everyone in the design industry is passionate about design, including us. Prime Design go further and are passionate about the process to ensure your ideas are fully developed into your design.

We work hard to ensure your timeframes are met; the process is smooth and building problems are taken care of.

Who has time to arrange engineers and soil testers?
Our goal is to make the whole design process as streamlined as possible. We do this by handling all the sub-consultants, from land surveyors to structural engineers and energy assessors so that you can enjoy the process. Refer to Prime Design Sketch to Permit System.

We spend time at the beginning to understand your wants and needs for your home. For the team here at Prime Design, this is the most important service we provide - to listen to you, work with you and give you honest feedback. We do all of this before we start on your project, ensuring we have the right direction and advice on any potential issues with your site.

As far as we are concerned, your time is as valuable as money, and it should be treated as such. Prime Design will go through a clear process indicating timeframes based on your brief. There are, of course, aspects throughout the process that are not within our control, such as local council processes and regulatory bodies. However, we utilise our experience and our Sketch to Permit System to ensure that we set realistic timeframes that we can stick to.

You don’t have to worry about planning, building or plumbing permits, or gaining the relevant water/sewer approvals. At Prime Design, we sort this out for you so that you so you can concentrate on the design, colours, and selections. Refer to Prime Design’s Sketch to Permit System.

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