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What inspections are required during the building process?

What inspections are required during the building process? 

We have been working with Trident Building Surveyors in Launceston to put together some information on what type of inspections they can assist with in the building process.  They have been excellent in accommodating us in order to complete this article. 

What is a Building Surveyor? 

A building surveyor is a professional who is tasked with understanding the building control process. A Building Surveyor has the authority to assess building plans to ensure that they comply with the National Construction Code (NCC).

You’ve received your building and plumbing permits and all of your approved building documents, what comes next?

You have just received your Building and Plumbing permits and all the building approved documents. You can now provide the Start Work Notice (Form 39) to your Builder.  Your Builder will nominate a date that they intend to start work, and once this form is filled in it will need to be returned to the Building Surveyor.  Your Building Surveyor will organise the signing of the Form 39 and provide Council, the Builder and yourself or the Agent a copy of the duly signed Form 39. A person must not start any building work on the premises, until you have confirmation from your Building Surveyor. 

Prior to the commencement of construction, it is vital to make sure your Builder is working from the stamped certified documents.  Building work must commence within the first 12 months from the date of the Building Permit or the payment to Council of the Notifiable Works.  If works have not started within this timeframe, the permit will lapse. 

As construction of your home advances, your Builder is required to organise the mandatory inspections.  The inspections are to be carried out by the Engineer, Building Surveyor and the local Council Plumbing Inspector.

The Construction Process

  • Footing/Foundation Inspection –This is to be carried out by the Building Surveyor or the Engineer on the project, such as stump holes, piling preparation, excavations
  • Slab Inspection –This is to be carried out by the Building Surveyor or the Engineer on the project, the steel reinforcement and levels must be inspected prior to the concrete being poured
  • Framing Inspection –The Building Surveyor or the Engineer, is required to conduct an inspection of the framing for the building. This is undertaken once the frame, roof trusses, windows and door frames are complete and prior to cladding
  • Occupancy/ Final Inspection –Upon completion of construction of the residence, it is required to have an occupancy inspection completed, this enables people to move into the property. Also, a final inspection can be done at this time. At this point the Owner or Agent is to organise the Form 4 (Application for Occupancy Permit) to be completed, signed and returned to the Building Surveyor.  The Builder will also need to complete, sign and return to the Building Surveyor the Form 71a (Standard of Work Certificate) along with any certificates required that are listed on the Certificate of Likely Compliance.  Without these items completed and returned to the Building Surveyor, they will not be able to issue the Occupancy Permit and the Final Certificate
  • Plumbing Inspection –The Council will be required to come out to the property and conduct a plumbing inspection, this may include all drainage work, hot and cold water and an overall plumbing inspection upon completion of plumbing works
  • Completion Certificate –Once all inspections have been completed the Building Surveyor will pass the certificates on to the Council Permit Authority. Once the Council plumbing department have completed their inspections and are happy with the works, then a Completion Certificate will be granted.  This means the project is now completely signed off and meets all the requirements

Need assistance to help you with how to organise your inspections contact us or visit Trident Building Surveyors for more specialist information about building surveying.  


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