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Choosing your perfect builder

Choosing Your Perfect Builder

 One of the biggest and generally most expensive purchases you will make in your lifetime is on a new home.  Building a new home or planning a renovation or extension is normally something that you will feel emotionally invested in, so choosing your perfect builder is particularly important to bring your vision to life, whilst working within an agreed budget.  

 There are several aspects to consider when choosing the right builder for you, and the cheapest quote may not necessarily mean they are the right person for the job.  At the end of the day, it is your due diligence that will ensure you have the right person for the job. 

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Can the builder work within your timeframe?

It is no surprise builders are in high demand all over Tasmania and as a result could mean your build may be delayed.  It is important that you specify an appropriate time frame when you begin looking for a builder as you may be disappointed if you’ve signed a contract with your preferred builder only to be disappointed that work cannot start for several months.  Where possible establish a start and completion date for your work to be completed. When you are choosing your perfect builder make sure you are realistic about the time frames and check that the builder can meet these. 

Does the builder communicate effectively?

There is nothing worse than confusion or miscommunication, which can lead to costly mistakes.  Early in the process, it is important that the builder understands what you are trying to achieve in your build.  It is less than ideal if the builder doesn’t listen when you are speaking to them or if they are exceedingly difficult to get hold of on the phone.  On the other hand, make sure you have a clear vision when you engage with a builder so that they can fully understand what you are trying to achieve.  

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Is your builder qualified for the job?

A bit of due diligence goes a long way when choosing your perfect builder. Is the builder licensed? Being an owner-builder can attract high fees, full retail pricing, and lengthen the build time. Licensed builders are put under constant regulations and training to maintain their registration, their knowledge will provide you with a quicker build that could ultimately save you precious time and money.  Does the builder specialise in a certain type of build? Perhaps a builder who only builds new homes is not the right person to do a renovation to a heritage home? You can also check if your builder is licensed using the Consumer Building & Occupational Services (CBOS) website. 

Are there standard Inclusions?  

Some builders have a range of standard inclusions for their builds.  For example, there may be one supplier the builder purchases their fittings, fixtures, from this means you may be limited to what you can choose in these items or choosing your own may be included as a variation to the contract, therefore increasing the cost.  Read the fine print to determine what is included in your quotation.  For example, are driveways and paths included in your quotation? Are your appliances included or do you have to purchase them yourself? If you have been provided quotes from more than one builder and there is a significant price difference, there may be items included on one quote but missing from another, affecting the overall cost of the build.  


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Are you happy with your quotation?

Once you have agreed to a suitable budget you can begin finalising quotations from builders. It is important to check how long your quotation is valid once it is received.  Identify early on if the quotation is a fixed price or an estimate? In addition, you may also wish to make changes to the design particularly if your quotation is for a house and land package purchase in this scenario you may wish to make some variations to the design and therefore increase the overall cost.  It is important to check with the builder this is an option and if they accommodate for variations and what type of cost increases are involved.  During the Building Design process, we can also supply you with our Budget Checkpoints so you can ensure you are staying on track with your budget


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That gut feeling

Instinct isn’t something that can be measured but there’s a lot to be said for “going with your gut” take into consideration how the builder makes you feel when you meet them, are they genuine, passionate about building your home, and do you feel they will adequately address your needs and overall vision.  Consider the finer details, do they take an interest in your home, and ask lots of questions about what you would like.  

 Still not sure how to choose the right builder for you? Request our information sheet on everything you need to consider in your build or renovation on how to choose your builder by filling in the form on our contact page.  


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