March 5

Home Design Trends for 2021

Home design trends have changed over the past 12 months. The damaging effects of Covid 19 have caused considerable changes to our home designs to accommodate to the new way of living. As a result, we are spending more time indoors.  The lack of international travel has also seen homeowners choosing to spend the holiday funds on making improvements to their home.

Multiuse Spaces

Living and working from home over the past 12 months created a higher demand for multiuse spaces. For many, an office nook no longer served its purpose. Additional space was required to undertake daily work and school activities from home. Home improvements and building new homes increased with the need for adaptability within a home. We anticipate that the remainder of  2021 we will see more multiuse areas which, can be easily converted if it is necessary.
A multi use living area with wall shelving and sitting area

Interior trends in residential spaces are a source of constant change just as the change in seasons.  unsurprisingly, neutrals and earthy tones are the colour of choice for interiors with many opting for calming colour tones. Accessorising with anything calming has been a popular trend. Candles, cushions, books and throws have been introduced to create a calming allure to the space. 

modern open plan white kitchen and dining area
Environmental and sustainable products 

Spending more time indoors, we have seen a demand for bringing the outdoors in. As a result, people are craving more time connecting with nature. Indoor plants have become somewhat of a fad and a popular choice in many homes. Small potted plants, featured in several rooms for have been introduced as a source of colour and texture to a space. It has created a way for us to feel closer to the natural environment.  Furthermore, more conscious design decisions are being made based on the environment and sustainability of materials. Natural materials such as timbers, recycled materials and sustainable products are at the forefront of people’s mind when designing a home.  

Home outdoor deck and dining area with a view
Mixed materials for home facades

2021 is the year for mixed materials for home façades. Many architecturally designed homes showcase, mixed materials such as brick, timber, Colorbond and cement sheet. There has been a clear trend of modern barn style homes with the inclusion of stunning features. For example, some these include raked ceilings and dark colours with timber accents.  Industrial style homes add an eclectic aesthetic to a home and often combines old and new products. Subsequently, particular emphasis on sustainability has become an important aspect of homes with  recycling and reusable products and materials are considered as options.

multi coloured materials for façade

Still not sure about what you are after for home design trends for 2021? If you are thinking of extending your current home or building something new we can help.  Contact us so we can assist you with your project. For more information about design trends for 2021 check out this article by Vogue here.  


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