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Tasmania's Building
Design Specialists

Welcome to Prime Design Tasmania

Established in 2004 by Director Frank Geskus, Prime Designs reflects our core ethos to deliver exceptional service to our clients while expertly solving building problems. Offering a level of quality that is still unmatched by the rest of the industry today, Prime Design has grown from a single-operator business to a 20-staff, two location company which is engaged to design projects all over Australia.

From simple decks and extensions to new homes, multi-unit developments and a range of commercial projects including schools, hotels and retail outlets, the business processes and deliverables remain the same. 

Our goal is to bundle up all the design and planning works into a precise and stress-free package. Allow us to tackle the initial drafting, site investigations, designs, engineering, council submissions and approvals; providing you with a single point of contact so you don’t have to do all the exhausting running around.

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Inspired, Custom Designed
New Homes

Do you have a building vision but don’t know where to begin?  Allow us to share your passion and reflect this through a cutting-edge design you’ll love.

Contemporary Custom Homes

Our goal is to create your dream design, whether it be a brand new architectural home, an extension of your existing home or any minor alterations.

We can even investigate illegal works which need certification.

Multi-unit Residential

Large-scale unit and townhouse developments are difficult to manage yet rewarding once complete. To alleviate any design and planning concerns, our team can step in and handle the entire process.

Commercial Projects

Save time and money by utilising our broad range of design and planning services. Our all-in-one package ensures that you get the exact design you’re after with no roadblocks to negotiate along the way.

6 Clear Steps to an Easy Design Process

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Contact Us

If you have a project idea and need the confidence to move forward, our team is here. ready to help.

Give us a call today on 03 6332 3790 for an informative and free discussion about how we can deliver a design experience that is comprehensive, courteous and stress-free.

  • 10 Goodman Court Invermay TAS 7248
  • 03 6332 3790