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Custom Homes

Our goal is to turn your ideas into reality by giving honest feedback on budgets, identifying potential challenges and meeting them with real solutions.

Prime Design will give you an honest appraisal with solutions. Even if your project involves tricky alterations or illegal works, we can show you a pathway to achieving your goal and discuss with you how to overcome the many regulatory hurdles through the ‘Sketch to Permit System’. Every step is clearly discussed so that nothing is hidden. The benefit of this is that you only have to focus on the design while we deal with all the hard stuff. We understand that timing is crucial. Our team is large enough to accommodate fluctuating workloads, ensuring prompt service at every stage.

Getting Started

Our first meeting will focus on discovering your needs and defining your project ideas. To us this is the most important step to immerse our services, your project, unpack potential regulatory issues, budgets, and potential building problems so we can come up with solutions using our specialised knowledge. We will discuss:

Your design dreams and lifestyle requirements

Expected timeframes

Your budget and what can be achieved

Explain the design and planning process

Highlight items to lookout for

Sketch to Permit System